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18 August 2020

Griffith ranks well in Good Universities Guide ratings

Griffith has received a string of 5-star ratings in the latest Good Universities Guide, which included a rise of 13 places to rank 7th nationally for overall educational experience.

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26 February 2024
Identity Theft

Money muling, sextortion and scams

In Australia, scams like money muling and sextortion are on the rise, with millions affected annually. Professor Andreas Chai is encouraging governments to seriously facilitate solutions including implementing identity resilience strategies, regulating online platforms, and educating students to prevent victimisation.

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3 June 2021
After the Pandemic

In Conversation with Professor Nigel McMillan, Dr Rebecca Huntley and Mik Auckland

After the Pandemic: Imagining the Future Our response to coronavirus will shape Australia for decades to come. It has been...

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