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2 November 2018

The Olympics for South East Queensland? Thinking more deeply about infrastructure and legacy

By Associate Professor Sue Harris-Rimmer Griffith Law School South-east Queensland (SEQ) has just hosted the Commonwealth Games and is preparing...

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17 November 2014
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21 August 2014
Jodie Powell, Communities Editor, Quest; Peta Fuller, Reporter, Quest; Lord Mayor Graham Quirk; Professor Russell Trood, Chair, Griffith University G20 Taskforce.

Lord Mayor embraces our G20 challenge

Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk answers crowd-sourced questions about the impact of the G20 Summit on the city in a special event sponsored by Griffith University, Quest Newspapers and

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31 July 2014
Headshot of Professor Andrew O'Neil

G20-20 vision

Head of the School of Government and International Relations, Professor Andrew O’Neil, hopes the G20 in Brisbane will be a catalyst for social, cultural, political and economic development.

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19 June 2014
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12 July 2019

No country for senior women: Australia’s international relations still preserve of men

By Elise Stephenson and Dr Susan Harris Rimmer Griffith Law School Today, the Lowy Institute launched the largest study ever...

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