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2 September 2016
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24 February 2015
Branding is a key element to franchising, Maurice Roussety says.

Why franchisor must hold the reins to the brand

Griffith researcher takes issue with opinion published in Wall Street Journal.

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19 July 2018

Whatever happened to responsible lending? Disturbing evidence at the Financial Services Royal Commission

By Associate Professor Therese Wilson, Dean of Law and Head of School Griffith Law School Under the National Consumer Credit...

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3 September 2015
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21 May 2015
The Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence will host the annual Franchise Management Forum in June.

Looking to business models of the future

Management forum to examine way forward for franchising

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10 December 2014
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27 October 2014
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28 October 2013
A crusty loaf of break

Bread winner to give franchising master class

Having made a lot of dough in the franchising industry, former Brumby’s bakery boss Michael Sherlock is now sharing his...

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2 August 2013
Lorelle Frazer at a Griffith University lectern

Pre-entry franchise education a key step

Research reveals prospective franchisees that complete Griffith University’s free, online Pre-Entry Franchise Education Program are more likely to buy a...

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11 May 2008

Stopping ex-franchisees destroying your system

There’s a new ‘ex’ and they can do even more damage than an ex-wife or husband — it’s the ex-franchisee...

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