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14 November 2022
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31 January 2022
Food disruption

Five ways to avoid food disruption

Supermarkets are central to our everyday lives, but they have also become symbols of our vulnerability in times of disruption.

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30 July 2021

Pandemic nutrition and food security in focus

Sri Lankan health professionals willtake part in a six-monthnutrition and food security program led by Griffith in collaboration withthe Australian Government andlocal university partners.

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9 January 2024

Projections reveal the vulnerability of freshwater to climate change

Climate and land use changes are causing significant alterations in global terrestrial water storage, impacting extreme weather events like floods and droughts, a Griffith-led study has found.

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14 May 2021
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3 February 2021
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18 March 2019

FarmCube to produce positive social change

A vertical modular farming system could generate meaningful job opportunities whilehelping tosolveissues such as world hunger and climate change. That’s...

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22 March 2023
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