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5 October 2023

Food for thought: why vegan pet food could help save the planet

Major environmental benefits associated with vegan diets for dogs, cats and people.  

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17 November 2022
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5 August 2019

Roshan Rigby: It’s in my nature to help people, and I love doing that through food

Roshan Rigby is a PhD candidate, researcher and teacher at Griffith University. She is studying how dietitians use behaviour change...

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18 October 2018

Researchers champion better behaviours at Change 2018

The two-day conference will highlight a range of research aimed at engaging people and organisations to deliver change for the better.

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30 April 2024
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26 February 2024
Identity Theft

Money muling, sextortion and scams

In Australia, scams like money muling and sextortion are on the rise, with millions affected annually. Professor Andreas Chai is encouraging governments to seriously facilitate solutions including implementing identity resilience strategies, regulating online platforms, and educating students to prevent victimisation.

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23 November 2023

Year 8 students shine at the Deadly U academic challenge

The annual Deadly U Experience hosted 75 South East Queensland First Nations high school students at a three-day academic challenge.

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24 May 2023

Project investigates migrating humpbacks in busy bay

Researchers, government and stakeholders take proactive approach to understand the behaviour of whales in Moreton Bay.

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16 May 2023
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5 April 2023
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