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17 May 2020

ANZSIL Perspective — Interrogating the Definition of Women Human Rights Defenders

International lawyers love a good crisis, argues Hilary Charlesworth, though this tendency can often impoverish the discipline of international law....

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14 May 2020

Democratic Governance in an Emergency: Recalibrating for Pandemic

As a Western liberal democracy, Australia enjoys a high standard of governance. Our law making and enforcement systems are designed...

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25 November 2019

Study to search for early signs of peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes

Researchers at Griffith University will undertake a comprehensive assessment of nerve function of people with diabetes to learn more about...

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2 April 2019

Business as unusual: How 3 Day Startup makes entrepreneurship for everyone

The workshop is open to students of all backgrounds and experience levels, and aims to engender an entrepreneurial miun

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13 February 2019
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15 October 2018

Griffith and Gold Coast Health raising awareness of Osteoporosis 

Free heel bone density checks will be available at the Gold Coast University Hospital onTuesday16 October when it teams up with Griffith University forOsteoporosis Awareness Day(actual date 20 October).

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25 October 2017

Healthier lifestyles for women recovering from cancer

Increased physical and emotional health benefit for women recovering from cancer has been the outcome of a Griffith University wellness program which is now set to become widely used across Australia.

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13 September 2017

Griffith names squad for Round 3 of Aon Uni 7s

Griffith University’s squad for round three of the Aon Uni 7s Series has been announced, and features four current students...

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6 September 2017
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10 July 2017

Healthier lifestyles for women with Type 2 diabetes

Helping women with Type 2 diabetes to undertake a more healthy lifestyle is the aim of a wellness program developed by Griffith University, and is timely for this week’s National Diabetes Week 2017.

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