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13 March 2020
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8 October 2019

Study explores how to make nature conservation ‘go viral’

Study models how conservation initiatives are adopted until they reach level where they can have real impact on conserving or improving biodiversity.

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18 July 2019
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26 November 2018
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19 September 2018

Wildlife warriors offer a different view on conservation

Threeleaders in wildlife conservation will give voice to their innovative and sometimes controversial concepts when they unite for a unique evening seminar hosted by Griffith University.

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22 June 2018
Dr Hum Gurung, smiling

Environmental mission spreads from remote village to the world

Only the third person from his Nepali village to receive a PhD, Griffith University alumnus Dr Hum Gurung has dedicated his professional life to environmental conservation, becoming a global leader in the field

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16 May 2018
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18 May 2017

Orangutan teeth hold key to nursing habits and conservation

A Griffith University researcher hopes a new discovery on orangutan weaning could help conservation efforts for the highly endangered primate....

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28 October 2016
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22 February 2012
Ancient penguin bones

Ancient penguin DNA is key to conservation

Conservation of the King Penguin is proving successful following research showing that the species has recovered past genetic diversity in...

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