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22 November 2017
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22 January 2023

How can students with ADHD be better supported at school?

For many students with ADHD, the classroom can be a highly demanding environment as difficulty managing unwanted behaviours can make schooling a challenging and negative experience. Dr Kathy Gibbs looks at how students can be better supported at school.

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7 September 2022

Gorbachev was an environmentalist

Much has been written, and rightly so, about the political impact, significance and legacy of Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-2022). However, in addition to his grand and historic roles in changing the shape of Europe and Russian, and bringing to an end a Cold War that threatened to end in nuclear annihilation and mutually assured destruction, Gorbachev was also an environmentalist.

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23 December 2021
Griffith University continues to rank strongly in the THE World University Rankings.

Business School nabs Bronze in education awards

Griffith University’s Business School has been recognised with two awards at the global QS-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards.

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19 December 2021

Griffith Law School student draws from experience to make a difference

After a 40-year teaching career, Griffith Law School student Kirk West continues to make a real difference in the lives...

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24 November 2021
SEQ Olympic Planning

The 2032 Olympics: Urban and environmental planning matters

Mega-events cause extremes of excitement and anxiety for urban planners. Among mega-events, the Olympics is the rarest opportunity – most planners will never get to take it on. Much like athletes winning gold, planners who deliver a successful Olympics secure a permanent professional legacy.

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24 February 2021

Green rental housing policy saves money and the environment

A shift towards green building standards will unlock environmental, economic and social benefits in the affordable rental housing sector new Griffith University research has found.

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10 December 2020
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17 September 2020
Griffith Business School Co-curricular awards

Entries open for Business School’s 2020 Co-curricular Awards

Students are encouraged to apply for the awards which recognise students for remarkable contributions beyond the classroom.

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25 May 2020
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