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15 June 2018

OH&S funding sorely lacking from 2018 Qld Budget’s employment relations plans

It is curious that the Government has not included substantial investment for this activity in the Budget, says Professor Michael Barry.

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8 October 2017

Analysing how employees evaluate organisations’ employment relationship policies and practices

The Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing is hosting Professor Jason Shaw from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on October...

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22 September 2015

Esteemed acknowledgement of contribution to employment relations research

The contribution of WOW’s Associate Professor Keith Townsend to the field of labour and employment relations (ER) research was acknowledged...

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13 August 2015

The past, present and future of Japan’s employment relations

The cycle of Japan’s employment relations (ER) practices was the topic of a Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing seminar...

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12 November 2013

Distinguished appointment for employment relations Professor

Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing (WOW)and Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources(ERHR) staff member, Professor David Peetz, was...

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27 February 2013
Sue Ressia

Work and employment relations in an uneven patchwork world: AIRAANZ 2013

Well attended by both Academic and Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs), the 27th Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and...

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22 October 2012

Where lies the innovation in employment relations?

Small, fast-growing firms are often considered incubators of innovation–but are they incubators of innovation in employment relations?That’s one of the...

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27 May 2014

Employment awards, pay and qualifications: recognition and relationships

Prompted in part by changes in the 1984 metalworkers’ employment Award to include a 14 point classification scheme, Dr Damian...

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21 November 2017

New book breaks down gender issues and employment in the 21st century

A new book co-edited by the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing’s Glenda Strachan, foundation member Kaye Broadbent and Geraldine...

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7 May 2015
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