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21 April 2016

Federal elections experts

Griffith has a range of experts available for commentary and analysis on the 2016 federal election.

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7 January 2016

Queensland Council Elections 2016 — Expert View

Referendum Dr Tracey Arklay – School of Government and International Relations How the fixed-term referendum could affect turnout and/or outcome...

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26 September 2014
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17 June 2024

Griffith makes a splash in Paris swimming teams

Griffith is basking in the glow of sporting excellence ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

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10 May 2024
Gorgonian Sea Fan

Coal versus coral

In Gladstone, amid shipping traffic and industrial landscapes, the Australian cultural cringe is palpable, torn between pride in resources and prospect of environmental devastation as observed by Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton.

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23 January 2024

Where Will Taiwan’s New Team Take the Island – and the Indo-Pacific?

The public lecture, “Where Will Taiwan’s New Team Take the Island – and the Indo Pacific?” jointly organized by the...

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11 October 2023

Griffith student AI chatbot may be the future of referenda

Griffith University students have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bot to help inform voters about the upcoming Voice to Parliament referendum, which could also be the future for electoral communications.

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8 February 2023
The 2022 GABI Malaysia Cohort (William MacDonald, Malinda Donny, Annabelle Christie and Dalyn Preston) with Jan Drew at the Malaysia Australia Business Council event in Mid-December 2022.

Back in Action: GABI Program Returns to Asia-Pacific in 2022

The Griffith Asia Business Internships Program, also known as ‘GABI’, kicked off once more in November 2022 with a total...

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10 January 2023
Group photo of participants at implementation meeting

European Parliament Talk

In December 2022, Dr Lee Morgenbesser attended the convening and implementation meetings of the Declaration of Principles for International Election...

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7 December 2022

2022 Australian Election Study

Almost one in three voters cast their ballot for minor parties or independent candidates in the 2022 federal election, the...

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