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3 June 2015
Headshot of Professor Stuart Bunn, Director of Griffith University's Australian Rivers Institute

Esteemed ecology group honours ARI Director

Professor Stuart Bunn, of Griffith University's Australian Rivers Institute, has received an international honour from the Ecological Society of America

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11 July 2024
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25 June 2024
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27 May 2024
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20 May 2024
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29 January 2024
Wivenhoe Dam at sunset

Is the Wivenhoe Dam really the guardian of the River City?

In the aftermath of recent cyclones, South-east Queensland residents should remain alert - especially the catchments downstream of Wivenhoe Dam says Griffith University’s Dr Margaret Cook.

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19 January 2024

Shiyu discovery reveals Eastern Asia’s early human migrations

In a thought-provoking discovery, an international team of researchers have unearthed evidence shedding light on the ancient migration of Homo sapiens into eastern Asia around 45,000 years ago. 

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12 September 2023

‘Oystertecture’ builds a pathway to SWELL for architects

Architects share stage amongst more than 70 artists at this year’s Gold Coast sculpture event.

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13 July 2023

Plastics are breaking up not down in lakes worldwide

For the first time plastics have been assessed in lakes across the world, with some found to be worse impacted than oceans

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14 June 2023

Summit unites renowned global scientists on GC

Event hosts global marine and environmental scientists to present latest scientific findings and foster future research collaborations.

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