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25 March 2024
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19 January 2024

Shiyu discovery reveals Eastern Asia’s early human migrations

In a thought-provoking discovery, an international team of researchers have unearthed evidence shedding light on the ancient migration of Homo sapiens into eastern Asia around 45,000 years ago. 

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5 October 2023

Once-lush corridor a bustling route for early human migrations out of Africa

Findings support growing consensus for lush Jordan Rift Valley that funnelled migrants into western Asia and northern Arabia.  

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22 October 2022

Central Asia identified as key route for early human migration

Findings indicate the desert zones of Central Asia may have served as key areas for early hominin dispersals into Eurasia.

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14 January 2016
Dr Adam Brumm, from Griffith's newly formed Research Centre of Human Evolution

Sulawesi findings alter thinking on early human migrations

On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, Griffith University researchers are part of a team that contends the discovery of unexpectedly old artefacts is evidence of the habitation of a mystery population of early humans

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2 September 2021
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21 December 2023
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14 October 2022
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22 September 2020

Newly discovered footprints reveal oldest traces of humans in Arabia

Scientists have identified tracks left on an ancient freshwater lake in the Arabian Peninsula as the earliest trace of human arrival in the area from about 120,000 years ago.

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1 May 2020

Human evolutionary success due to our ability to adapt to different environments

Griffith researchers contributed to a new isotopic study of fossil teeth that shows the first direct evidence that human success...

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