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24 June 2020

Griffith expert part of WHO’s fight against COVID-19

A Griffith infection control expert continues to help the World Health Organization’s (WHO) fight against COVID-19 after returning from a month consulting on the pandemic overseas.

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11 March 2020

‘The doctor will Skype you now’: telehealth may limit coronavirus spread, but there’s more we can do to protect health workers

Griffith expert in infection prevention and control says telehealth consultations are a good step in controlling the spread of COVID-19 but more needs to be done.

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14 March 2019

Genes, germs and growing old gracefully at World Science Festival

With uniquely individual DNA and different life circumstances each person has their own distinct health journey through life, and Griffith...

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7 March 2019
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5 March 2019

Global threats put under the Griffith microscope at World Science Festival Brisbane

If humankind is to survive the health and environmental issues facing us, then Griffith University researchers will be squarely in...

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20 April 2018

Griffith launches free online course to improve infection control and combat health pandemics

‘Plagues, Pestilence and Pandemics: AreYou Ready?’ is open for enrolment now and enables learners to explore the current and emerging threat of global health pandemics and how we can respond to themeffectively.

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14 February 2017
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2 June 2016

Helping nursing students to encourage more hand hygiene

A study into infection prevention and control has found university education for nursing students can have a significant impact on hand hygiene practices in clinical settings.

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