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23 October 2023
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8 August 2017
Associate Professor Ben Desbrow

Want to know the secret of great rehydration?…..Just eat

For decades we’ve been sold on the importance of rehydrating after exercise by consuming specialty formulated beverages such as sports drinks (and more recently milk), under a ‘not all fluids are created equal’ mantra .

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16 September 2013
Associate Professor Ben Desbrow

Hydrating beer something to cheer

New Griffith beer could be good for you and reduce hangovers.

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11 August 2013
Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics student Sophie Monument

Driving simulator puts SMS to the crash test.

Collaboration and cutting edge technology combine in Public Health degrees

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12 April 2018

What happens to your body when running a marathon

The Marathon is one of the most anticipated events at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018). Sixty-five finely-tuned and focussed athletes poised as they wait for the gun to signal the start.

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2 May 2013

Young speedsters fly in from India

During their stay this group of young athletes will undergo a week of training with Sharon Hannan, the coach of 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist, Sally Pearson.

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18 October 2023
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3 December 2020

Getting the handle on hangovers

Griffith University researchers have explored whether people experience the same hangover effects after a controlled dose of alcohol.

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27 June 2019

No sweat – tattoos don’t affect sweat or salt loss

Heavily inked people can stay cool — concerns thattattoos compromisesweat rates and raisesodium losses during exercise have been eased followinga new study from Griffith University.

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28 September 2018

Concerning levels of caffeine found in sports supplements 

Pre-workout supplements(PWS)claimtoimprove strength andreduce fatiguewhiletraining.Many of these productsrely on the stimulant properties ofcaffeine(often in large doses)to produce thisperformance enhancement, yetaverificationof the caffeine content of theseproductshas never been conducted- until now.

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