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28 October 2022

New research suggests nose picking could increase risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Griffith University researchers have demonstrated that a bacteria can travel through the olfactory nerve in the nose and into the brain in mice, where it creates markers that are a tell-tale sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

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30 May 2019

AI and assistive technologies answer to future dementia care

Robots and monitoring could be the answer to solving the global dementia crisis

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14 September 2017

Improving knowledge and attitudes of sexuality for people with dementia

Improving the knowledge and attitudes concerning sexual expression of people with dementia amongst health professionals, has been the goal of a Griffith study.

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5 September 2017

Improving future care for people with dementia

Improving community service uptake and wellbeing for people with dementia and their carers during the early stages of the condition, is the focus of a new Griffith study.

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3 August 2017

Animal robots can benefit dementia patients says Griffith study

Using animal robots in the care of people with dementia has a modest but significant benefit, a new Griffith University study has revealed.

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14 July 2016

Looking at the challenges of aged care for people with dementia

Increasing the understanding of community aged care for people with dementia is the focus of new research by Griffith University.

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4 December 2015

National study focuses on quality of life of people with dementia

Quality of life for people with dementia living in long-term care is often negatively impacted due to low levels of activity participation.

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28 October 2015

Improved family involvement needed in care of people with dementia

“They rush you and push you too much… and you can’t really get any good response off them”. This was just one of the family member comments from recent Griffith research regarding the acute care of their loved ones with dementia.

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23 July 2015

Contemplating homicide while caring for family with dementia

Homicidal thoughts are a real and significant phenomenon among family carers of people with dementia.

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26 June 2015

A feral attitude towards people with dementia?

The political, economic, medical and societal implications of Australia's ageing population have received plenty of media coverage. However, in some areas the nature of that coverage is becoming of concern, particularly regarding the attitudes towards dementia.

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