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11 October 2023

Griffith launches the Deaf Space to support increasing community of Deaf students

The Griffith University Deaf Space has launched with a dedicated, deaf-friendly, safe study and interpreting space to support an increasing community of Deaf students with 20 enrolments in 2023.

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16 May 2024

Helping Australian organisations to become accessible and inclusive

Helping Australian organisations become more accessible by providing crucial insights about how users with disability are able to navigate services.

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3 June 2021
After the Pandemic

In Conversation with Professor Nigel McMillan, Dr Rebecca Huntley and Mik Auckland

After the Pandemic: Imagining the Future Our response to coronavirus will shape Australia for decades to come. It has been...

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4 August 2017
Adrian Wilkinson

Five minutes with…Adrian Wilkinson

Professor Adrian Wilkinson is the Centre for Work, Organisation and Wellbeing’s long-serving (foundation) Director. He’s a pretty darn good captain...

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