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1 May 2024
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11 July 2019
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3 April 2018
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8 June 2017

Dating expert ages oldest modern human

A Griffith University geochronologist’s state-of-the-art dating methods push back the origins of our species by an unprecedented 100,000 years, uncovering...

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2 October 2013
Dr Jacqueline Drew

Online dating sites partly to blame for rise in romance fraud

Stephanie Smail from ABC Radio spoke to Dr Jacqueline Drew about the dangers of online dating fraud. Dr Drew said...

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6 June 2024
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22 May 2024
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22 April 2024

First evidence of ancient human occupation found in giant lava tube cave in Saudi Arabia

Recent archaeology uncovers 10,000-year-old relics, including Neolithic to Bronze Age remains and art.

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9 April 2024

Art and Ethos – Taring Padi

Culturally enriched mediums Taring Padi’s work reimagines facets of their Indonesian culture, deconstructing Indonesian shadow puppet traditions (wayang) and recreating...

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21 February 2024
Man checking a long receipt

Reforming the Australian grocery market

The Australian grocery market, dominated by Coles and Woolworths, faces scrutiny over pricing, competition, and innovation. Griffith University's Graeme Hughes says reforms emphasising transparency, competition, and consumer empowerment are essential for its future.

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