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18 March 2020

Laughter the underestimated antidote for struggling communities

Increasing our daily dose of laughter is key to fighting the rising toll of depression, especially in the wake of...

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5 June 2023

A just world on a safe planet: quantifying Earth System Boundaries

Griffith researchers collaborated on new study that shows humans are taking colossal risks with the future of civilization and everything that lives on Earth.

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18 April 2023
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16 February 2023

What makes the idea of civilisations being replaced so popular again?

The idea of a "great" replacement has been the source of extremist politics for some time, it has entered the mainstream through a gradual process of normalisation since the turn of the century. These views are grounded in a mythology that civilisations are racially and culturally distinct and fixed in time. Dr Susan de Groot Heupner considers the role of “great” replacement and premillennialism as they relate to the Wieambilla siege.

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6 December 2022
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30 August 2022
Jobs and Skills

Skills beget jobs

Australia's Jobs and Skills Summit is due to commence tomorrow. It is a most welcome event. And urgently needed.

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9 May 2022
Climate and the election

Australians intend to vote on climate action at election

Griffith University’s Climate Action Beacon conducted the first of five annual Climate Action Surveys in late 2021. These surveys discover Australians’ thoughts and feelings about climate change and related environmental and climatic events, conditions, and issues.

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1 February 2022

SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Inequalities, based on issues such as gender, disability, age, race, income and opportunity, persist across the world — both within and between countries. Beyond the very real impacts that inequalities have on people’s day to day lives, they limit social and economic development, and reduce our ability to effectively address global crises. 

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31 January 2022
Food disruption

Five ways to avoid food disruption

Supermarkets are central to our everyday lives, but they have also become symbols of our vulnerability in times of disruption.

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18 January 2022
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