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29 September 2022

How does the government’s long-awaited anti-corruption bill rate?

The prospects of Australia securing a strong federal anti-corruption agency have taken a huge leap forward, with introduction of the Albanese government’s much awaited National Anti-Corruption Commission bill into federal parliament.

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25 January 2022

Drop in Australia’s corruption ranking signals urgent need for Integrity Commission

A new international index ranking shows Australians are rapidly losing faith and trust in the nation's public institutions, sparking calls for a federal integrity commission.

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21 August 2018
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22 February 2018

Call for public to have their say on lifting integrity in government

A Griffith expert is leading a new project to help fight Australia's slide down the global Corruption Perceptions Index.

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30 November 2020

New research lays blueprint for fairer, higher integrity government

A landmark new report by Griffith University and Transparency International Australia sets out how Australia should build a stronger, fairer, more accountable system of government.

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24 October 2019

Press freedom essential for safeguarding our democracy

Professor AJ Brown is presenting the annual Henry Parkes Oration in Tenterfield. His timely speech looks at the alarming concerns surrounding the lack of protection for journalists and whistleblowers during a period when democracy is seen to be diminishing

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12 March 2019
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