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25 March 2008

Telecommunications fees under spotlight

Mobiles, internet and home phones — if you use any or all of these a national telecommunications survey needs you!...

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22 May 2024
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1 May 2024
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16 April 2024

Combatting disruptive ‘noise’ – a quantum communication breakthrough

Experiment demonstrates how networks can be leveraged to combat disruptive ‘noise’ in quantum communications.

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5 April 2024
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26 March 2024

Plan encourages habitat protection to prevent pandemics

Study urges conserving natural areas and promoting biodiversity to prevent disease outbreaks.

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25 March 2024
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22 February 2024

New study assesses impact of purpose on top 100 ASX companies

Discovering what drives some of Australia’s largest companies, the ASX100 Purpose Matters report, provides insight about the motivations behind companies shaping the country.

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13 November 2023

Lessons from the Optus outage for remote Australia

The Optus outage in Australia, affecting 10 million customers, exposed the vulnerability of telecommunications, especially in remote areas. While urban disruptions garnered attention, rural communities faced greater challenges, emphasizing the normalcy of such events says Dr Amber Marshall.

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27 October 2023
Test tubes in a tray

Key muscle protein may unlock the mystery of chronic mosquito-borne viral illness

Underlying evolutionary dynamics could play a key role in the replication and progress of the chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne viral disease.

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