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20 February 2023

Survival of the hottest: Lessons from sweltering Birdsville 

How will we cope as the summers get longer and hotter? Who will suffer the most? How will we find solutions?Following the launch of the Climate Justice Observatory, Professor Susan Harris Rimmer travelled to Birdsville to listen and learn about how the community experiences heat and adapts to heat in rural areas.

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16 January 2019
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22 October 2015
Nicholas Clark found that up to 40% of Indian Mynas in the South East Queensland region can carry malaria parasites.

Invasive birds spreading avian malaria in eastern Australia

An invasive bird species is carrying, and potentially spreading, a high prevalence of avian malaria throughout its range in eastern Australia, a Griffith University PhD candidate has uncovered.

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5 June 2024
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10 May 2024
Gorgonian Sea Fan

Coal versus coral

In Gladstone, amid shipping traffic and industrial landscapes, the Australian cultural cringe is palpable, torn between pride in resources and prospect of environmental devastation as observed by Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton.

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6 March 2024
A young girl takes a photo with a smartphone of flowers in a garden bed

Transforming early learning through curiosity and interest

The key to boosting a child’s cognitive and emotional development lies in promoting an active interest in topics or activities, Griffith University researchers have found.

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29 February 2024
'The Gabba' in Woolloongabba, Brisbane

From white elephants to a sustainable legacy

The scrutiny of infrastructure planning for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics is intensifying. In alignment with the International Olympic Committee's emphasis on sustainability and legacy, venues must prioritise plans that ensure a lasting positive impact, conforming to the standards of the 'the new norm'.

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22 January 2024
Hot Fiery Sun

The escalating human toll of extreme heat

Global heatwaves are causing severe human suffering, with vulnerable populations facing escalating risks. Urgent questions arise about mobility, decent work, health access, homelessness, mental health, and essential services during extreme heat says Professor Susan Harris Rimmer.

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3 August 2023
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28 July 2023
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