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31 October 2013
Professor George Williams delivering speech at lectern.

‘Broken’ federal system needs leadership

One of Australia’s leading constitutional lawyers has called on the new Abbott government to make federal reform a priority. Professor...

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4 June 2024
Solar panel farm at sunset located in South Australia

Australia’s 2024 green energy policies mark a significant shift towards cleaner energy sources

A new policy brief from the Griffith Asia Institute evaluates Australia’s 2024 green energy-related policies and examines their potential impact...

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13 November 2023

Lessons from the Optus outage for remote Australia

The Optus outage in Australia, affecting 10 million customers, exposed the vulnerability of telecommunications, especially in remote areas. While urban disruptions garnered attention, rural communities faced greater challenges, emphasizing the normalcy of such events says Dr Amber Marshall.

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28 June 2023
Pacific Islands

Why Australia needs to partner with the Pacific to fight climate change

Senator Penny Wong, Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs, has been actively engaging with Pacific Island countries to address climate change, which is seen as the greatest threat to the region. However, doubts remain about whether this engagement can be sustained and deepened to strengthen relationships. Australia's engagement in the Pacific needs to extend beyond climate and security issues and focus on understanding the region and fostering a genuine partnership.

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31 August 2022

What can unions and the Albanese government offer each other at the jobs summit?

The Jobs and Skills Summit will attempt to lay the groundwork for several years of policy development. The unions and the government will both look for co-operation from the other over the long haul.

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6 March 2022
Feminist Foreign Policy

Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow

This is the critical decade for climate action and all foreign policy interventions will be judged against this global challenge. To meet this challenge, it is time for Australia to adopt the focus and techniques of feminist foreign policy.

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14 June 2021
Melbourne Mural

What COVID-19 teaches us about resilience

Last year I found my dry cleaner sewing by the light of a single lamp in his darkened store, in a scene reminiscent of an 18th-century still-life oil painting. Only in that moment did I fully grasp the meaning of the words “the economic cost of COVID-19”.

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9 June 2021
Great Barrier Reef

Queensland: The Pacific State

When it comes to connections with the Pacific islands region, Queensland is the state that can lead the way. By virtue of geography, history, demography, cultural links, sporting connections, Queensland has a wealth of resources to draw on and share to build deep and meaningful relationships with the Blue Pacific continent.

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9 June 2021
Lady Justice

Lessons for the Prime Minister from the everyday workplace

When should an organisation’s leader commission an independent inquiry into past allegations of serious misconduct by one of her or his senior team, not being dealt with by police? Even more importantly, how should it be done?

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28 June 2019

Teaching graduates to have their pick of jobs by 2022

Teaching jobs are bucking the trend of shortages and are tipped to have the biggest oversupply of employment opportunities in Australia by 2022.

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