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16 July 2024
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PsiQuantum Partners with Queensland Universities, Bolstering the Future of Quantum Computing in Australia

PsiQuantum will partner with five leading universities in Queensland after signing a memorandum of understanding to help support the growing demand for skills in the quantum computing economy and to explore research projects in adjacent fields.

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4 July 2024

Can ‘prebunking’ help stop the spread of misinformation in a year of global elections?

Amid US and UK elections in 2024, AI-generated misinformation poses a serious threat to electoral integrity. The Australian Electoral Commission recently emphasised the importance of ‘prebunking’ as an essential ingredient in preventing misinformation and protecting electoral integrity, but what is it?

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27 June 2024

A new university pathway empowers students to connect and belong

EmpowerED is a new university pathway program for applicants who don't meet traditional admission requirements.

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30 April 2024
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21 February 2024
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Reforming the Australian grocery market

The Australian grocery market, dominated by Coles and Woolworths, faces scrutiny over pricing, competition, and innovation. Griffith University's Graeme Hughes says reforms emphasising transparency, competition, and consumer empowerment are essential for its future.

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29 November 2023

Living within safe & just Earth System Boundaries for blue water

Can basic human water needs be met without exceeding safe and just Earth System Boundaries (ESB) for surface and groundwater (blue water), defined to protect people and planet?

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21 November 2023

Symposium in Hanoi brings together the best of Australian and Vietnamese cattle experts

The future of beef cattle trade between Australia and Vietnam was discussed at a symposium in Hanoi highlighting an industry collaboration in technical expertise.

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16 October 2023
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9 October 2023
Oration 2

Brighter Future for All Oration: The Perfectibility of Opportunity

As a civic institution, Griffith University is committed to deep engagement with our local communities and unlocking knowledge and foresight from influential thinkers and leaders. On 4 October 2023, we proudly presented the inaugural Brighter Future for All Oration at Brisbane City Hall with The Honorable Dr Jim Chalmers MP, Treasurer of Australia and one of our most distinguished alumni.

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28 August 2023
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