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26 August 2021
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26 June 2019
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25 January 2013
Artist's impression of the extinct Moa

DNA snippets unlock ancient secrets

Just a tiny section of ancient DNA is now enough to reveal the genetic make-up extinct animals.

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18 August 2012

DNA reveals ancient histories

Researchers at Griffith University are part of an international team using DNA analysis to unlock ancient human remains dating back 45,000 years.

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22 February 2012
Ancient penguin bones

Ancient penguin DNA is key to conservation

Conservation of the King Penguin is proving successful following research showing that the species has recovered past genetic diversity in...

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16 August 2023
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14 May 2020

DNA sheds light on frogmouth’s flight to Australia.

A Griffith University-led collaboration has used DNA analysis to resolve the evolutionary origins of the distinctive Australian frogmouth species of...

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12 July 2018
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24 May 2011

Griffith research with penguins advances understanding of DNA

Research undertaken by scientists at Griffith University’s Environmental Forensics Laboratory is advancing the understanding of ancient DNA, with results that...

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11 February 2010

Ancient human hair reveals secrets of the past

He was a man with brown eyes, thick-dark hair, non-white skin, dry ear-wax and A-positive blood-group. He had a susceptibility...

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