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29 January 2015

Shopping for children: Australian adoption market puts them at risk

On Sunday, January 25, Prime Minister Tony Abbott released a little more detail about his plans for adoption in Australia. Dr Patricia Fronek talks through the issues.

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9 September 2014

Australia puts children at risk by ‘freeing up’ the adoption market

The Australian government seems intent on lessening protections for children adopted overseas despite national and international evidence showing greater protection is needed, writes Dr Patricia Fronek.

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22 May 2014

Changes to intercountry adoption must put children’s needs first

Prime minister Tony Abbott has released the Report of the Interdepartmental Committee on Intercountry Adoption and announced changes to “enable more people to find families”, not meet children’s needs. This wordplay is more important than it might seem, writes Dr Patricia Fronek, School of Human Services and Social Work.

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4 June 2024
Solar panel farm at sunset located in South Australia

Australia’s 2024 green energy policies mark a significant shift towards cleaner energy sources

A new policy brief from the Griffith Asia Institute evaluates Australia’s 2024 green energy-related policies and examines their potential impact...

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9 May 2024

Funding explores enviro impact of firefighting chemicals

Researcher aims to determine ecological impacts of firefighting chemicals used to control bushfires.

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5 April 2024
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21 February 2024
Man checking a long receipt

Reforming the Australian grocery market

The Australian grocery market, dominated by Coles and Woolworths, faces scrutiny over pricing, competition, and innovation. Griffith University's Graeme Hughes says reforms emphasising transparency, competition, and consumer empowerment are essential for its future.

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13 February 2024
Taylor Swift Mathematics

A mathematical exploration of Taylor Swift’s music

Dr Nathan Garland highlights the intriguing intersections between mathematics and pop culture.

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8 December 2023
Cruel Summer

A cruel summer

Summer 2023-24 is marked by a return to El Niño and has prompted concerns that rising temperatures, worsened by climate change, will threaten health, productivity, and safety. Griffith University’s Dr Aaron Bach suggests some strategies from workplace adjustments to home cooling tips aimed at beating the heat.

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5 December 2023

Are Australian CEOs missing the strategic value of ‘purpose’?

MBA mini masterclass will present findings from the 5th annual Brandpie CEO Purpose survey, revealing how Australian CEOs compare.

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