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3 May 2023

Reshaping the Centre-Right in Queensland with David Crisafulli

Queensland Opposition leader David Crisafulli and veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien discuss the vision he has for the future of Queensland as he leads his “centre-right” political party towards election in October 2024.

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5 April 2022

The polls look grim for the Coalition. Will Queensland buck the trend again?

Awaiting the official start of the 2022 campaign, published polls show Labor is comfortably ahead of the government. Pundits agree this year’s election is Albanese’s to lose, but predictions range along a spectrum from a Labor landslide to a narrow win, to a finely balanced hung parliament.

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15 October 2020
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2 November 2018

The Olympics for South East Queensland? Thinking more deeply about infrastructure and legacy

By Associate Professor Sue Harris-Rimmer Griffith Law School South-east Queensland (SEQ) has just hosted the Commonwealth Games and is preparing...

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30 October 2017

Griffith experts ready for Queensland election

Griffith Uni will look beyond the slogans to provide voters with the insights they need to be informed and active participants.

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24 November 2016

2017 Bermingham Prize judges and finalists announced

Twenty-two artists have been selected to exhibit in the inaugural ‘Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting’ finalist exhibition 2017.

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19 September 2016

2017 Bermingham Prize entries open

Entries for The 2017 Elaine Bermingham National Watercolour Prize in Landscape Painting are now open.

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26 August 2016
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9 August 2022
Vivid Sydney

How public art can reinvigorate Australia’s landscape

New public artworks can again hold a mirror up for local communities that have changed in unexpected ways. They offer opportunity to celebrate differences and commonalities and reflect the lived experiences of communities navigating unprecedented change.

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10 September 2021
Wesley Enoch and Rhoda Roberts

In Conversation with Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM

The power of culture In this interview Kerry O’Brien talked to Rhoda Roberts AO and Wesley Enoch AM about the power of cultural...

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