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25 May 2008

Griffith University, Regional Director – Europe to visit Norway

Griffith would like to extend an invitation for you to meet Chanelle Baker – Regional Director, Europe in Oslo, Norway....

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21 May 2008

Students speed-date finance industry

It’s Financial Planning Week and as part of the celebrations Griffith University financial planning students are speed-dating industry. The speed-dating...

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18 May 2008

Griffith academic receives fellowship

A Gold-Coast based, Griffith University academic will work to improve the quality of economics teaching after being awarded an Associate...

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16 May 2008

Griffith in-house interviews and seminar in Stuttgart, Germany on Tuesday 20 May

Griffith in-house interviews and seminar in Stuttgart, Germany on Tuesday 20 May, 2008 Chanelle Baker— Regional Director, Europe will be...

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13 May 2008

Federal budget will have little impact on inflation

The 2008-09 Budget is unlikely to have any significant impact on inflation in the short term, according to Griffith University...

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11 May 2008

Stopping ex-franchisees destroying your system

There’s a new ‘ex’ and they can do even more damage than an ex-wife or husband — it’s the ex-franchisee...

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9 May 2008

Holy Grail of anti-malarial treatments

Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) estimates billions of people, especially children and pregnant women, are at risk of malaria in...

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9 May 2008

Ulrick award winners reflect national reach

The national prestige of the Gold Coast’s Josephine Ulrick Literature and Poetry prizes has been confirmed with this year’s winners...

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