Griffith University has launched a dynamic university pathway program for people who are ready to start their university journey, but don’t meet traditional admission requirements.

The EmpowerED university preparation program offers a comprehensive learning experience to prepare students for an undergraduate degree.

Griffith University Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Professor Shaun Ewen.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) Professor Shaun Ewen said the program provides a supportive learning environment and aims to help students build a lasting connection within the academic community.

“The program provides an opportunity to experience university life, build confidence, and learn the essential academic skills necessary to study an undergraduate degree,” Professor Ewen said.

“Where university preparatory courses typically include one unit of study, EmpowerED encompasses six units over six months.

“As an inclusive university, the EmpowerED program aims to strengthen diversity at Griffith and promote a brighter future for all students.”

EmpowerED Academic Director Associate Professor Amanda Daly said EmpowerED opens the door to a university education.

EmpowerED Academic Director Associate Professor Amanda Daly.

“The program is great for applicants who don’t have an Australian Tertiary Admission Ranking (ATAR),” Associate Professor Daly said.

“EmpowerED focuses on career readiness and encourages students to think about career pathways.

“Students will have the opportunity to explore the many areas of education on offer at Griffith, to inspire them to consider the possibilities and their potential.”

Students who successfully complete EmpowerED with a 4.0 grade point average or more will be eligible for guaranteed admission into a range of degrees.

Guaranteed admission applies to rank only and all other requirements for admission such as additional prerequisites should also be met (Refer to the website for further information).

EmpowerED is available online and in-person at the Gold Coast and Logan campuses and is available as a part-time course for students who require some flexibility to manage other commitments.

To apply or to learn more about EmpowerED, go to

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