Student Leadership Program fosters future-ready leaders

Student Leaders at the 2024 camp

In 2024, Griffith Business School (GBS) welcomed 48 new leaders into its esteemed Student Leadership Program, reaffirming its commitment to fostering responsible, confident, and future-ready professionals. For over a decade, this two-year program has provided selected business students with a myriad of opportunities for leadership development, mentorship, and active engagement within the university community. More than just an academic endeavour, this initiative equips students with real-world experience and cultivates the leadership skills essential for success beyond the classroom. 

Through peer mentoring, volunteering opportunities, and representing the School at major events, students are provided with a platform to contribute meaningfully to their communities while gaining invaluable leadership experience. 

Student leaders taking part in a team building activity

One of the flagship offerings of the Griffith Business School Student Leadership Program is its exclusive Leadership Development Camp. The two-day event, held in March each year, is designed to challenge participants and cultivate a range of new skills. From immersive activities to hands-on learning experiences in problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership, the camp serves as a transformative journey towards personal growth and empowerment.  

Senior leader and Griffith Business School student, Izabel Murray, encourages all business students to apply for the program. 

The skills you learn, networks you create and self-discovery you find at camp is incredible. The camp contributes to student life, as well as life after university. It’s something every Griffith Business School student should apply for” 

Student Development Coordinator, Ms Joanne Fairclough said,

Our aim is to empower students with the skills and experiences they need to excel in today’s competitive employment landscape. Through our program, we not only prepare them for professional success but also instill a sense of social responsibility and global awareness.”

Student volunteering in 2023
Students at FareShare Australia

Illustrating this commitment to responsible leadership, student leaders actively engage in initiatives such as the Little Spark Project. Last year they volunteered to prepare over 6,000 meals with FareShare Australia. Now in its fourth year, the Little Spark Project inspires GBS students to think creatively about how they can support communities facing various challenges.

Student leaders can also gain firsthand insights into global responsibility through an international experience. In 2023 students travelled to Cambodia. The trip, which saw the students immersing themselves in Cambodian culture before working with the local community, helped participants gain a deeper understanding of their role in the global environment. 

Reflecting on their experiences, the School’s student leaders emphasise the program’s transformative nature, both personally and professionally.  

Bachelor of Business student, Laura King found the experience valuable,To be able to travel with purpose and make a difference in another community is such a special opportunity. It has taught me valuable skills and given me lasting memories that I’ll carry forth throughout my career and life.” 

With a firm commitment to nurturing responsible leadership and empowering students to create a positive impact on the world, Griffith Business School hosts a range of extracurricular opportunities that support their journeys of personal and professional growth.