As a Bachelor of Counselling student, my journey through the Griffith Industry Mentoring Program (IMP) with registered psychologist and Griffith alumnus, Camillia Acosta, provided me with a deeper understanding of the mental health industry, career options related to my degree and the practical aspects of running a private practice. I initially discovered the IMP when I met Breeda Crowley at a Mature Aged Student Society networking breakfast. Breeda presented convincingly on the benefits of the Program and I’m very grateful that I acted on her advice to sign up. Once registered, I was able to view a wide selection of available mentors in the Program database and was drawn to Camillia’s profile due to her experience in private practice and her work as a facilitator. As a mature student juggling a heavy workload and the demands of a young family, I was also curious to learn more about Camillia’s experience in maintaining a rewarding and positive work life balance, something which I believe is critical for mental health professionals.

Our mentoring partnership began with a phone call, which set the tone for a series of enlightening sessions. From the outset, Camillia sought to understand my goals and intentions for the Program, there were quite a few! I expressed interest in Camillia’s work in group facilitation, and my desire to gain insight into the operation of a private practice, including marketing, administration, and the overall functioning of this type of business. I was keen to learn more about how to connect my specific interests in psychology to future career choices and to learn from Camillia’s own career journey and understand how the choices she has made have impacted her career. Finally, I wanted to understand how to take concrete action to expand my professional connections.

With these learning objectives articulated, Camillia and I discussed clear parameters that would ensure our partnership ran smoothly and that I made the most of Camillia’s time and expertise.

The tools and milestones provided in the IMP structure helped me to develop a clear roadmap for our mentoring relationship and identify strategies to achieve my learning objectives.

Camillia’s generous mentorship extended beyond words; she shared not only her knowledge and experience but also practical tools and resources. Camillia invited me to visit her Practice, offering me a glimpse behind the scenes of her business. I was able to learn about appointment scheduling, client communication, and tools to manage client interactions. In addition to this valuable hands-on experience, Camillia offered me the chance to practice counselling skills during our phone, zoom and in-person meetings.

As I continue my studies and prepare for a career in the mental health field, the knowledge and insights gained through the IMP will undoubtedly be a solid foundation for my future success. I am sincerely grateful for Camillia’s unwavering support, generosity and guidance. I hope my journey in the IMP inspires other students to seek mentorship, especially those who are considering careers in complex industries and navigating diverse life roles.

“Camillia’s generous mentorship extended beyond words; she shared not only her knowledge and experience but also practical tools and resources” – Adriana Miranda.

Mentee: Adriana Miranda, Bachelor of Counselling and Griffith Industry Mentee, 2023

Mentor: Ms Camillia Acosta BPsych(Hons), MEdPsych, MAPS

Psychologist & Director of Camillia Rose – Women & Children’s Psychology

For more information please contact:

Breeda Crowley

Industry Mentoring Coordinator, Student Success, Griffith University

Program Email: [email protected]