Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee is open!

Photo by Sam Balye on Unsplash
Forensic Science and Criminology and Criminal Justice student Jacqulyn Wonnocott.

Griffith University is kicking off the Year 12 Early Offer Guarantee to assist high school graduates who are looking for certainty about their future study plans.

Students can choose from more than 70 eligible degrees, apply through QTAC by 16 October 2023, and if eligible could receive an early offer by late November without having to wait for exam results.

On the day of Jacqulyn Wonnocott’s high school graduation ceremony, she received her letter of acceptance to study a double degree in Bachelor of Forensic Science and Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Griffith.

“I was so excited, and it just felt like everything was coming together!” Ms Wonnocott said.

“Finishing high school is already a scary step in your life, so knowing everything was all in place gave me peace of mind.

“In the holidays before my first year began, I was able to organise my accommodation and I worked at my casual job and relaxed with friends and family.”

Forensic Science student Liam Russell.

First year Forensic Science student Liam Russell received notice of an early offer a week before his high school graduation and said he didn’t have to stress about waiting for his ATAR results unlike many of his peers.

“The last thing I wanted to think about during the last week of high school was ATAR results and university applications,” Mr Russell said.

“I received my early offer and felt like I could celebrate the milestone of graduating and enjoy my holidays.

“I live on the Sunshine Coast so it was really important for me to organise my on-campus accommodation as soon as possible.

“Everything has gone so smoothly and I’m on my way toward a career in forensic science and hope to eventually work with the Queensland Police Service.”

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