Nurturing future leaders beyond the classroom

Bachelor of Government and International Relations student, Jordan Cooper with the Australian ambassador to Thailand, Dr Angela Macdonald
Bachelor of Government and International Relations student, Jordan Cooper with the Australian ambassador to Thailand, Dr Angela Macdonald.

Dedicated to cultivating career readiness and offering a diverse array of opportunities for personal and professional development, Griffith Business School is at the forefront of empowering its students to be career ready. A shining example of this commitment is the School’s sponsorship initiative, providing students with funding to attend events that will provide development opportunities beyond the classroom.

A recent example of such sponsorships is that of Bachelor of Government and International Relations student, and aspiring Diplomat, Jordan Cooper. Eager to enhance his leadership skills and grow his networks, Jordan sought sponsorship to attend The University Scholars Leadership Symposium–an esteemed youth leadership event held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

With the collaboration of United Nations agencies and partner government departments, the Symposium brought together 1,200 aspiring leaders. Within the gathering, Jordan had the privilege of representing Griffith University and Australia as a distinguished delegate. Given his ambition to become a Diplomat, and the alignment between the event and his academic pursuits, his sponsorship request was approved. Beyond the global experience, the Symposium offered a platform for the development of essential leadership skills, while fostering connections with like-minded individuals from across the world.

Reflecting on the experience, Jordan expressed his appreciation for the event’s remarkable speakers, notably highlighting Geraldine Cox, the compassionate mind behind Cambodia’s Sunrise Children’s Village, as well as his interaction with the Australian ambassador to Thailand.

“My experience at the Symposium was eye opening and life changing, I have come back with so many amazing connections and got to hear from truly inspirational people.”

Central to the Symposium’s agenda was a focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a cause deeply ingrained in Griffith’s ethos. Jordan actively engaged with fellow delegates and UN personnel, sharing insights about Griffith’s contributions to the SDGs and gaining a global perspective on these crucial objectives.

Inspired by his time at the Symposium, Jordan is now enthusiastic about collaborating with fellow delegates to develop innovative initiatives with far-reaching impacts.

An active contributor to global dialogue that aims to shape better outcomes for people and planet, Jordan is a stellar example of how we hope a Griffith Business School education can inspire and open doors. I look forward to seeing Jordan continue to develop a leader in our communitysays Prof. Caitlin Byrne, Pro Vice Chancellor (Business).

As a testament to its commitment to fostering similar transformative experiences, Griffith Business School will unveil a new suite of sponsorship and scholarship opportunities in 2024.To find out more about the array of opportunities available to Griffith Business School students, visit the website.