Griffith University has opened the doors to Queensland’s first on-campus student-led midwifery clinic, which aims to provide continuity of midwifery care for pregnant women from first trimester to the birthing suite and postpartum.

As part of the three-year Bachelor of Midwifery program, students will gain a deeper understanding of pregnancy and motherhood from a woman’s perspective during their placement onsite at the new Griffith Gold Coast campus student-led midwifery clinic.

Griffith School of Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professor Amanda Carter said the new clinic will provide continuity of midwifery care.

Working in collaboration with Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH), Griffith School of Nursing and Midwifery Associate Professor Amanda Carter said the student-led midwifery clinic offers another midwifery care option for women and their families and an alternative placement experience for students.

“This unique model of care allows experienced midwifery lecturers to support students during their clinical placements,” Associate Professor Carter said.

“Women are provided with an option to partner with a named midwifery student to receive continuity of care, and their antenatal and postnatal care will be supported by experienced midwifery practice lecturers.

“Students will follow the journey of pregnancy, provide labour and birth support and share the experiences into the early weeks after giving birth.”

Griffith Midwifery Lecturer and Clinic Endorsed Midwife Marnie Icim said all students are fully supervised by an experienced midwife during the visits.

Griffith Midwifery Lecturer and Clinic Endorsed Midwife Marnie Icim oversees the care provided by midwifery students at the Griffith Health Clinic.

“Since its recent opening, women attending the clinic say they enjoy the longer appointments, modern facilities, and the support they are receiving from their midwifery students,” she said.

“The new clinic will have a referral system in place with the GCUH Obstetric Clinic or GCUH Maternity Assessment Centre to accommodate any complexities during pregnancy.”

Gold Coast Health Executive Director, Women, Newborn and Children’s Services, Hazel Brittain said demand for the student-led clinic had expanded beyond the in-hospital model first introduced in 2014.

“Women on the Gold Coast will continue to benefit from this long-standing collaboration, offering expectant parents high-quality care that’s based around their individual needs and preferences,” she said.

“More than 5000 babies are born at GCUH each year, and the clinic provides another pathway for women while educating the next generation of midwives.”

Women attending the clinic also receive the additional benefit of access to Griffith dieticians, physiotherapy, social work, counselling, and psychology services within the Griffith Health Clinic.

Any woman who has Medicare and is birthing at GCUH can access the student-led Midwifery Clinic.

The Griffith student-led midwifery clinic is located within the Griffith Health Clinics at the Gold Coast Griffith University Campus.

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