A language and linguistics podcast, the brainchild of three Griffith University students, is kicking goals after reaching nearly 1000 downloads in just a few months.

Languages and linguistics students Lissara Bergamaschi, Isabella Schulz, and Raiã Pinhati are enthusiastic about the success of their podcast ‘Langwich’ which is fast becoming a go-to source for language and linguistics.

Dr Kelly Shoecraft

Dr Kelly Shoecraft from Griffith’s Learning Futures is proud of the podcast and the students working on it.

“What started as a small project to encourage discussion on language learning has developed into a successful and well-structured podcast talking about broader language-related topics,” Dr Shoecraft said.

“Isabella, Lissara and Raiã have really developed their skills in the technical aspects of creating a podcast as well as interview skills and knowledge on language-related topics.

“There have been some excellent guests speaking to a variety of language-related topics which I think really enhances the mission of the podcast: to value and encourage multilingualism in Australia.

“I think it’s opportunities like these that go beyond the everyday learning that occurs in the classroom and really build students’ skills and agency through real-life application of these skills and knowledge.

“It has been great to have support from Griffith University, in particular, from the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science (HLSS), with resources and marketing.”

Language and linguistics student, and podcast host Isabella Schulz interviewing PhD candidate Lisa Petersen

Ms Bergamaschi said the collaboration with her peers and the support of Griffith University are factors that have contributed to the success of the podcast.

“The experience of doing the podcast alongside Bella and Raian has been a great opportunity to dive in and expand our knowledge in the subjects we cherish,” Ms Bergamaschi said.

“Being able to be supported by Griffith to achieve our goals, be it through the guidance of Dr Shoecraft and technical assistance of Shenil Ranpura through the efforts of HLSS to help us, through the infrastructure offered in the studio, is not only reassuring but exciting!

“It is as if we are not starting from zero but actually having a push to be able to aim and go further.”

Episodes are released every first Wednesday of the month on several platforms.

For more information and to access the podcast visit the Langwich podcast.