Griffith Business School (GBS) is empowering new students to explore diverse industries and unlock their career potential through the inaugural Industry Insights Business Crawl, a unique and invaluable program offered during Orientation Week.

The Business Crawl offered participants an extraordinary opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and insights from industry professionals. The three tailored tours featuring prominent partners like Suncorp Group, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Queensland), Commonwealth Bank, Volunteering Queensland, Grant Thornton Australia, Allianz Partners, and more, exposed students to a range of exciting career possibilities.

A major highlight of the event was the chance to interact not only with senior leaders from partner organisations and, but also recent graduates, who all eagerly shared practical tips and offered valuable guidance on various career paths. National People and Culture Leader at Grant Thornton, Marta Newport, expressed delight in supporting the students saying, “The opportunity to examine real life career stories, with all of their challenges, detours and achievements, is not only enlightening and informative for students but also rewarding for our team members to support the next generation of young professionals.”

The impact of the Business Crawl was not just about traditional corporate paths, but also about embracing fulfilling and impactful careers in the not-for-profit sector. Andy Parkinson, Engagement & Development Manager with Volunteering Queensland was delighted to be able to present career opportunities within Volunteering Queensland and the not-for-profit sector. “We were pleased to share the transformative effects that volunteering can have on building skills and knowledge across industries as well as opening up the possibilities for careers in this sector. We’re excited to see the next generation of purpose-driven leaders who will shape a brighter and more compassionate future for us all.”

Industry engagement and partnerships are at the core of the School’s commitment to providing students with real-world experiences and ensuring they are well-prepared for their future careers. Jason Bailey, Procurement Manager at Allianz Partners, praised the collaborative efforts stating,

Opportunities to engage with inquisitive and bright-minded young people like this are invaluable for us. They are a chance to share knowledge and help the next generation, but it also helps us learn more about the people that will be coming out of universities in the coming years, what drives them and what is important to them.”

The Business Crawl proved to be a transformative experience for participants, not only providing insights into the inner workings of different organisations, but also igniting personal growth and development. Rehanah Dhedhi, a first-year Bachelor of Business student, enthusiastically shared her perspective, saying, “The Business Crawl was definitely worth waking up early for! It allowed me to experience the rush and excitement of a career in the city, something I’ve never experienced but always wondered about. I can definitely say this exposure motivated me and excited me for the future career choices that await me. I loved every minute of it.”

The tour is a testament to the School’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded and ambitious individuals ready to make a positive impact. To find out more about the range of student opportunities available at Griffith Business School, visit the website.

To enquire about engagement opportunities for organisations, please contact Sarah Henderson.