Griffith University Repair Café coming to our Southbank campus

Repair Cafes, with more than 140 locations including Griffith University campuses, have gained popularity for their role in reducing waste and strengthening communities by providing a venue for the sharing of important repair skills.

Griffith University’s second Repair Café will offer repairs at its Southbank campus on 21 April and the call is out for volunteers.

The Repair Café is a student-led project aimed at fixing broken items and diverting them away from landfills as well as educating people about how to do their own repairs.

Repair is always better than recycling — making our things last for longer is both more efficient and cost-effective.

Professor Leanne Wiseman
Professor Leanne Wiseman

Professor Leanne Wiseman from Griffith Law School initiated the Griffith University Repair Café project and, said Repair Cafés rely upon volunteers and is calling for any students or staff able to fix items or who can help on the day to come along and join the Repair Café initiative

“To ensure our Griffith University Repair Cafes are sustainable in the longer term we rely upon a pool of keen, passionate volunteer helpers and repairers,” Professor Wiseman said.

“We are calling for anybody with skills in sewing and mending, jewellery, and woodwork, as well as the ability to fix small mechanical and electronic devices

“Without these wonderful folk, our Repair Cafes will not be able to continue so we are always looking to welcome new volunteer helpers and repairers.

“Given the success we saw at the Nathan Griffith Repair Cafe on 22 March, we know there is a strong demand by students and staff for their things to be repaired.

“It is not only the economic benefits of repair that bring students and staff to our repair cafes but also the important environmental benefits of repair.

“So please come and visit us at our Repair Cafes to learn more about how they operate and what you can do to help.

“It is great to see how repairing skills are being shared between repairers and how repairing our things makes an important contribution not only to reducing our waste but to Australia’s transition to a circular economy.”

Griffith University Repair Café will be held on Friday 21 April 2023 at Southbank Campus from 11am to 2pm, in S03_2.14.

For more information and to sign up, visit the Griffith Repair Cafe webpage.