Griffith Business Lab offers authentic experiential learning

Griffith Business School students working with Trimester 1 industry partner, Managing Director of Local Marketing Group, Angus Smith.

The Griffith Business Lab is providing Griffith Business School students with opportunities to enhance their education and career prospects. The Lab offers a range of initiatives, including hands-on consultancy work, masterclass sessions, and job readiness events, to ensure that students gain invaluable industry connections and authentic learning experiences.

Working closely with the Griffith Business School Work Integrated Learning team, the Griffith Business Lab provides a comprehensive client relationship experience that covers everything from initial briefings to strategic planning, campaign development, implementation, and reporting. This Industry Project course is a fantastic opportunity for students to work with real businesses and to develop practical skills that will be invaluable for their future careers.

Graeme Hughes, the Director of the Griffith Business Lab, emphasizes the importance of the Lab’s mission

The Business Lab offers a high-quality, real-world workplace experience that enhances students’ technical competence and practical thinking, as well as providing students with valuable career planning, goal-setting, and soft skill development.”

Managing Director of Local Marketing Group and a Trimester 1 industry partner, Angus Smith, recently visited the Lab and worked with students as they presented findings from data analysis, supply chain, operational and marketing optimisations, for a multinational e-commerce brand.

Angus said “The Business Lab has built an excellent reputation as a nurturing environment that allows students to thrive and develop essential business skills. This is crucial in the development of confidence and competence in the workplace, which will serve the students well as they establish their careers.

Director of the Griffith Business Lab, Graeme Hughes

The Lab provides invaluable learning experiences that prepares students for the challenges of the business world. Graeme brings a wealth of industry experience, that the students (and I) are fortunate to tap into. Talent is aligned with opportunities, and the high calibre of work produced by the students is impressive. The future is bright for the next generation of business leaders.”

In addition to the Industry Project course, the Lab hosts a variety of events to connect students with industry partners and prepare them for employment after graduation including job readiness programs and networking opportunities.

With a commitment to providing students with practical, real-world experience and connections, the Griffith Business Lab is an invaluable resource for students looking to enhance their education and career prospects.

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