Griffith Business School’s Department of Business Strategy and Innovation has announced an exciting new research initiative to develop sustainable and innovative business solutions to address supply chain challenges using cutting-edge technology. The Technology for Supply Chain Sustainability Lab, located at the Nathan campus will operate in collaboration with NVIDIA, one of the world’s leading technology companies.

The lab’s primary objective is to develop technology-driven supply chain testbeds that enable sustainable business goals and employability outcomes for logistics and supply chain graduates. Students will benefit from the lab’s demonstrations and lab-based modules, providing an in-depth understanding of the latest and most sustainable business solutions.

The supply chain and logistics sectors are under tremendous pressure to operate sustainably due to a variety of market-wide and internal challenges. As a result, the focus on digitalisation in supply chain management is increasing worldwide. The partnership with NVIDIA is critical in training and educating future business leaders on how advanced technologies such as AI can be effectively used for sustainable logistics and supply chain management.

To achieve the lab’s ambitious goals, researchers, students, businesses, and technology providers such as NVIDIA will work together to address supply chain challenges and identify ways to make supply chains efficient, sustainable, and resilient. NVIDIA will provide training support to Griffith University’s research and teaching staff, as well as key hardware pieces to develop exciting teaching demonstrations for students.

Associate Professor Nagesh Shukla will lead the Technology for Supply Chain Sustainability Lab, with support from Professor Dian Tjondronegoro and Professor Mark Loon.

Nagesh says the Lab has the potential to transform the logistics and supply chain industry through its sustainable and innovative approach. “We are excited to provide our students and researchers with access to cutting-edge technology and tools to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for supply chain management”

“This lab is a great opportunity for us to address the global challenge of supply chain sustainability and empower the future generation of business leaders with the necessary skills to create positive change in the industry.

Griffith University ranked first in Queensland and sixth in Australia for its sustainability efforts in the inaugural QS Sustainability Ranking 2023, and the Technology for Supply Chain Sustainability Lab is an exciting and innovative initiative that continues to demonstrate the University’s commitment to developing sustainable business solutions and training future business leaders in cutting-edge technology.