Director of Sports Engagement Duncan Free

Three of Griffith University’s academics are kicking goals after being named in the top 100 female sports innovators in the country, a testament to their work in the sporting arena.

The Australian Sports Technologies Network has lauded the work of Dr Caroline Riot, Associate Professor Clare Minahan, and Professor Stefanie Feih for their expertise in the areas of sports innovation, sports digital and sports technology.

Director of Sports Engagement Duncan Free applauded the work of Dr Riot, Associate Professor Minahan and Professor Feih.

“Griffith is leading the charge when it comes to sport technology and innovation, and we have some of the best working behind the scenes to make real change in the industry,” Mr Free said.

“As a university, we have built a strong reputation for sporting excellence and supporting athletes both on and off the field and to see three of our academics make the top 100 is commendable.”

Associate Professor Clare Minahan

Dr Riot is the Director of Games Partnerships and Engagement and is paving the way for the university in the lead up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games.

“My work ahead of the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to amplify, accelerate and transform the region’s future on a global stage, and a chance to highlight the incredible work being done at Griffith,” Dr Riot said.

Associate Professor Minahan has been with the university since 2002 with a key focus of her work on the determinates of performance in female athletes.

“My areas of interest are the unique responses to exercise in female athletes including locomotor movement patterns, muscle damage, thermoregulation, and immune function,” she said.

Professor Stefanie Feih

Professor Feih is the Deputy Head (Research) of the School of Engineering and Built Environment, with a career spanning 20 years working and studying in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.

“I specialise in the analysis, optimisation and reliability of bespoke design,” Professor Feih said.

“I am fortunate to work with a great team in cross-disciplinary research centred around the Advanced Design and Prototyping Technologies (ADaPT) Institute, focusing on modelling and materials to create personalised human digital twins.”

The top 100 list also included Griffith alumnus:

  • Federal Minister for Sport Anika Wells.
  • Bianca Keel
  • Cristina Smart
  • Ingrid Proud
  • Emily Rosemond
  • Bec Pahl
  • Courtney Porter
  • Emily Nicol (current student)

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