The Australian Women’s National Rugby League team will set up camp at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus from today as the team prepares for the World Cup in November.

The Jillaroos team training at Griffith University ahead of the World Cup

Griffith Sports Science Associate Professor Clare Minahan said the university has been working with the Jillaroos since 2017, with the campus providing elite training facilities ahead of their campaign in England.

“We’ll be working closely with the Jillaroos sports scientists conducting field tests to gauge the players development and physiological capabilities,” Associate Professor Minahan said.

“These capabilities are key factors for elite athletes ahead of a jam-packed tour, so we’ll be looking at how the World Cup effects their fatigue levels and how their strength is maintained or decreased over the course of the tournament.

“Most of these tests we’ll do in the gym, but we’ll also get the players on the field and use GPS tracking equipment to capture their movements.”

Griffith will be well-represented in the Jillaroos squad with key player Tarryn Aiken who is currently studying her Honours in Psychological Science, and alumnus Lauren Brown who graduated with a Bachelor of Business.

Off the field, alumnus Karlee Quinn is a Sport Scientist with the Jillaroos, and Lecturer and PhD candidate Tim Newans works as a Data Analyst for the team.

Jillaroos coach Brad Donald is full of praise for Griffith University and the work they’ve done in the women’s rugby league space.

Jillaroos in their training camp at Griffith University

“We’ve had a strong association with Griffith University for a number of years and they’ve always welcomed us with open arms,” Mr Donald said.

“We’ve worked together on a number of projects which has led to changes in the rules for NRLW, understanding and planning around menstrual cycles as well as female specific injuries.

“We are grateful for all of the assistance Griffith University has provided us with over the years and in the lead up to the World Cup.”