Audi A7 donation to boost opportunities for students

Audi A7 donated for research and teaching

The Audi Foundation is supporting Griffith University’s School of Engineering and Built Environment students by generously donating an Audi A7 for them to study.

As one of the most advanced luxury cars on the market today, students have the amazing opportunity to investigate the technology used in the vehicle and gain practical, real-world skills by analysing the components and technology used by Audi.

The Audi A7 Sportback is a vehicle that is truly on the forefront of automotive technology, automotive design and sustainability and gives a glimpse into the future of how the automotive industry is adapting vehicles to seamlessly integrate into our lives.

Academic and teaching staff at Griffith University are innovating the curriculum in coming trimesters to include the A7 in course work, with the aim to cross-pollinate the learning experiences the vehicle can provide across the school and the university.

Professor Rosalind Archer, Head of School for Griffith University School of Engineering and Built Environment said the University was thrilled to receive the vehicle and give students access to world leading technology to align with their studies.

“The technology in the car is some of the most advanced you can find on the road, and our students will have an incredible opportunity to see how the many aspects of modern automotive technology and manufacturing processes are combined in the A7,” Professor Archer said.

“We will be able to utilise the vehicle as a teaching tool across many areas such as engineering, industrial design, electronics, ergonomics and many other disciplines.

“Our goal for the A7 is to investigate the components, materials, compounds and the manufacturing process through the lens of sustainability and excellence in engineering.”

“We are extremely thankful to the Audi Foundation and Audi South Brisbane for supporting the future of our students and the higher education sector, and I know all our students are extremely excited to start looking at the A7 and getting to work!”

Professor Rosalind Archer, Head of School, Engineering and Built Environment

“We are delighted to be able to support educational institutions, such as Griffith University, with examples of the latest in automotive technology,” said Paul Sansom, Chairman of the Audi Foundation and Group Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Australia.

“The Audi Foundation’s support of institutions like Griffith University is one way that we are able to realise our ambition to drive meaningful change by shaping strong education outcomes.”

Jerome Figuiere, Aftersales Director, Audi Australia