Huge savings for those looking to upskill or get job-ready

Job-ready certificate courses in high-demand fields like Data Analytics and Cyber Security, Public Health, Infection Prevention and Control and Education are being offered at discounts of up to 80 per cent in Trimester 1, 2022.

As part of the Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates Package, the certificates are available with Commonwealth Supported Places, so eligible students will benefit from a fee subsidy.

Both graduate certificates in Special Education and Autism Studies qualify for a discount of 82 per cent, while the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics and Cyber Security is being offered for just under 40% of the usual study cost.

Associate Professor Ernest Foo, from the School of Information and Communication Technology, says in a digital economy that is changing rapidly, it’s the perfect time to upskill.

“Cybersecurity is a field that’s just crying out for more professionals in the area, and in particular, people who already have an IT background,” he explained.

“Data management and cybersecurity is becoming a commodity, a skill that pervades across multiple industries.

“Every company needs IT support but now more than ever, cybersecurity expertise as well, and combining that knowledge with the fundamentals of data analytics helps an organisation to be much more aware about protecting their valuable data or digital assets.

Certificate courses in Public Health and Infection Prevention and Control are among those being offered at heavy discounts.

Provost Professor Liz Burd said Griffith’s job-ready certificate offering would help boost employability or provide useful pathways to further study in areas of high-demand now and in the future.

“These Griffith University courses have been mapped to identified national priorities in high-demand fields and designed to provide skills in areas such as sustainability, public health and education that are critical in the contemporary job market,” Professor Burd added.

“Both undergraduate and postgraduate students will benefit from the job-ready certificates. They allow you to gain a university qualification that is recognised by employers and which could also be a launching pad to further study.

“It will give you the credentials you need to play your part in the emerging economy and set a new path for your future.”

Certificates in Safety Leadership, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Climate Change Adaption are also among the discounted courses.Applications close on February 13.