Griffith says G’day to returning international students

Griffith University has rolled out the welcome mat for thousands of international students as they begin arriving in South-east Queensland following the easing of travel restrictions.

Several thousand current and new Griffith students are expected to arrive in the next two months, joining those already here after Australian international border restrictions were removed in mid-December.

“We are incredibly pleased to finally welcome international students back to the country and our campuses in 2022,” Griffith Vice Chancellor and President Professor Carolyn Evans said.

“Almost 1800 Griffith students have spent the past two years studying remotely overseas, waiting patiently to return to Australia to complete their studies and placements.”

“We also expect a sizeable number of new students to join us, including those who have been unable to start studies or held off applying until travel to Australia became possible.

“Our international students are an integral part of campus culture, helping to ensure a wealth of diversity, experience and understanding that really makes Griffith a vibrant and unique community.”

Professor Evans said the University was proud of the incredible efforts of its international cohort, which kept the faith and stuck it out, in the midst of a global pandemic.

“It’s testament to their resilience and persistence in these trying times since early 2020,” Professor Evans said.

“It has been a long time coming but it is great to be planning activities and the support that will be offered as new and returning students join us across our campuses,” Griffith Vice President (Global), Professor Sarah Todd, said.

“Preparations are underway across many of our academic programs, as well as English language support services, to ensure that students who have been studying online while they were offshore can seamlessly join classes with their colleagues on campus.

“There has also been great support and a willingness to welcome international students back by our local communities in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with employers particularly keen to benefit from the skills that international students bring with them to a range of businesses, including hospitality and the healthcare sector, where there are considerable staffing shortages.”