Centre for Applied Energy Economics and Policy Research launch

Griffith Business Schoolisexcited to announce the establishment of the Centre for Applied Energy Economics and Policy Research (CAEEPR). Vice Chancellor and PresidentProfessor Carolyn Evansconducted the official launch of the Centre on Wednesday,10 November withProfessor Paul Simshauser AM, member of the GBS Strategic Advisory Board and Griffith Professor of Economics, who provided an overview of CAEEPR objectives, goals and the National Electricity Market model.

Craig Rogers, Adjunct Professor Rod Welford, Professor Carolyn Evans, and Professor Paul Simshauser AM

CAEEPR is an industry partner-funded collaboration between Griffith Business School and a diverse group of energy sector partners including Powerlink, CS Energy, Stanwell Energy and Queensland Treasury Corporation.

CAEEPR will provide and publish independent, sophisticated energy policy advice and thought leadership for industry and government and contribute to inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous businesses and communities. Griffith’s world-class economic and policy research will underpin CAEEPR to support a successful transition to electrification and green hydrogen with a less carbon-intrusive power generation and transmission system.


​​​​​​​For further information, visit the CAEEPR website or contact [email protected]