Partnership to develop products for carbon markets and nutrient management

Image by Roman Synkevych via Unsplash.

Griffith University and ASX-Listed emerging mineral processing technology company Zeotech have established a research program aimed at developing agricultural product applications for carbon markets and nutrient management.

The research partnership has been established following a successful nine-month pilot project by Griffith on behalf of Zeotech and will underpin agronomic opportunities for Zeotech products.

Zeotech and Griffith have established a research partnership.

The University will now carry out two concurrent streams of agricultural product development over 22 months, the first of which includes enhanced soil carbon storage and climate mitigation in agricultural landscapes, and the second in products to improve agricultural nutrient management.

Australian Rivers Institute researcher Dr Chris Pratt said the opportunity to work with Zeotech to develop solutions for challenges that climate change presents to farmers was an exciting one.

“Of particular interest is the potential to extend carbon market solutions to rural communities to aid the transition required in meeting Australia’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050,” Dr Pratt said.

“We look forward to undertaking expanded pilot trials to evaluate solutions for advanced fertiliser delivery and the management of agricultural pollutants — representing a tangible opportunity to support sustainable food production.”

Dr Pratt said the pilot showed promising results, and the unique characteristics of advanced materials called synthetic zeolites presented a compelling opportunity for the application of Zeotech products for carbon sequestration.

Zeotech Managing Director Peter Zardo said the opportunity to develop solutions to aid the agricultural sector and help meet Australia’s emission reduction targets was important.

“Zeotech values the opportunity to be working with Griffith University’s Soil and Land Use team, which provides one of Australia’s most highly-specialised and well-resourced groups in the area of agricultural carbon and nutrient management,” he said.

Griffith University Vice President Industry and External Engagement Dr Peter Binks also welcomed the partnership.

Vice President (Industry and External Engagement) Dr Peter Binks.

“Griffith is very pleased to be working with Zeotech on this important and innovative program of research,” Dr Binks said.

“Zeotech is a leader in its innovative approach to carbon mitigation, which strongly aligns with our own objectives.

“The strategic research partnership allows Zeotech to draw on Griffith’s considerable research strengths in soil biogeochemistry and climate change mitigation.”

Zeotech leverages proprietary technology for the low-cost production of synthetic zeolites to deliver sustainability solutions.

Synthetic zeolites are manufactured aluminosilicate minerals with a sponge-like structure, made up of tiny pores (frameworks) that make them useful as catalysts or ultrafine filters. Commonly known as molecular sieves they can be designed to selectively absorb molecules or ions dependant on their unique construction.

Further details are available in Zeotech’s ASX announcement.