A commitment to lifelong learning

Richard Gallaher
Arrow Energy scholarship Richard Gallaher

Richard Gallaher is a proud Indigenous Australian and is passionate about creating a brighter future for all. Richard is the first in his family to attend University, and seeking an education has empowered him to help pave the way for future generations, having witnessed the injustices of many communities. 

Currently in the final year of his Master of International Relations and undertaking a research dissertation pathway, Richard also completed his Bachelor of Government and International Relations at Griffith. 

“I chose a Master of International Relations degree because I’ve always felt strongly about the state of the world, it’s people and our future,” he said. 

Richard believes that public and foreign policy are vital instruments for influencing positive change within communities, and this research program has given him the opportunity to engage with policy problem solving.  

“I keenly pursue the tough questions and challenge both the known and unknown, to explore more sustainable and ethical pathways for society.” 

 “I’ve decided to pursue a PhD too, because I believe adding my voice to academia allows me to contribute to policy discussions ensuring a progressively better international community of like-minded, and not so like-minded, individuals.” 

Commencing his studies at Griffith in 2013, Richard says the University’s support services, as well as a scholarship from Arrow Energy, have contributed greatly to his success. 

“The financial support from Arrow Energy removed barriers and stress that would have negatively impacted my commitment to study.” 

“It enabled me to buy a laptop and set up a professional workspace at home, when COVID-19 restrictions limited time on campus and with peers.” 

Richard hope’s his pursuit of lifelong learning inspires others from his community to join the world of academia and engage in global conversations. 

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