Passionate and knowledgeable faculty guiding students at Young Conservatorium.

Matilda Heck came to study at Young Conservatorium after participating in our SHEP program. Read more about her experience at Young Conservatorium below!

Why did you choose to study at Young Conservatorium?

I chose to study at the Young Conservatorium after attending my first SHEP in grade 9. I enjoyed the experience so much, that when I was made aware of the regular programs at Young Conservatorium, I was excited. I liked the idea of learning music at a university while being in a program that suits younger students that is nurturing with opportunities to grow and excel. Now, that I am nearing the end of year 12, I can say that it was an excellent decision for me to attend the Young Conservatorium during high school.

What do you love most about Young Conservatorium?

I love the passionate people you meet including the knowledgeable and experienced teachers who guide you throughout the process; from auditioning to performing on stage with the Concert Choir. We have had wonderful performance opportunities, and the Conservatorium’s theatre is amazing! I enjoy the diverse music repertoire that we learn, the different styles of music and song, and singing in the fantastic opera space where we rehearse. It has also been of great benefit to participate in Musical Awareness classes in Musicianship – Theory and Aural Studies to further strengthen my learning. I appreciate the access to the fantastic university facilities and attending this beautiful campus at South Bank.

What advice do you have for students looking to study at Young Conservatorium?

I advise students looking to study at Young Conservatorium to give it their best! With the guidance and expertise of your teachers and peers, together you will create amazing and enjoyable music. Take the opportunities that are available at the Young Conservatorium, as you will learn and experience so much!


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