Alexandra Clayton enrolled in Young Conservatorium after being a part of our State Honours Ensemble Program. She shares her experience and why she loves being part of Young Conservatorium.

Why did you choose to study at Young Conservatorium?

After attending SHEP for middle school students a few years ago I became aware of the Young Conservatorium. I enjoyed the SHEP experience so much and being at the Conservatorium I decided I wanted to be a part of Young Con. I was fortunate enough to join the Vocal Ensemble, singing with them for two years. I am now part of the Concert Choir. Recently, I wanted to concentrate on improving my musicianship with aural and theory knowledge in preparation for attending the Conservatorium for university and am now enrolled in the relevant classes.

What do you love most about Young Conservatorium?

So many things. I love being with other like-minded students who are enthusiastic about music. I also love the passion and dedication of the world-class teachers at Young Con. They are so willing to share their knowledge and wisdom from their lived experience in the music industry with Young Con students. Every class is fun and I look forward to attending all of my classes. One of my favourite things about the conservatorium is walking to class and hearing students practice their instruments in various rooms along the way. I feel inspired by students dedication to their craft and I feel very fortunate to be apart of this music programme. Additionally, the end of semester concerts are of a high standard and are a great opportunity to show case what we’ve learnt. The auditorium is a beautiful space to perform and the concerts are very well organised.

What advice do you have for students looking to study at Young Conservatorium?

If you have the opportunity to be a part of the Young Conservatorium, you must do it. The teachers are of an exceptionally high standard with their experience in the music industry. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge, encourage students to follow their dreams and nurture their creativity. You’ll also make some great friends at the Young Conservatorium. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

Young Conservatorium 2022 applications are now open! more information and to apply.

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