Young Conservatorium’s supportive & nurturing environment

Jackson Tuckwell starting playing the piano from the age of 5 and later found himself drawn to double bass. His love for music has taken him down many avenues such as playing in a jazz band and performing Celtic music as a part of the State Honours Ensemble Program.

Why did you choose to study at Young Conservatorium?

From a young age, performing as part of an orchestra is what I wanted to do. So being part of the Young Conservatorium was a dream come true. I have studied double bass at Young Conservatorium since 2017 and during that time I’ve progressed through several conductors, orchestras and life lessons. Double bass has always allowed me to formulate my perception of the world into something that words can’t evoke and the Conservatorium has helped me cultivate these ideals into skills.

In fact, my participation in the Young Conservatorium is like medicine against a long-term illness. No matter how ill I felt I would still want to go to rehearsals. Last year I was in the Children’s Hospital for 6 weeks. While in hospital I still continued going to each rehearsal. This is how strong my desire to play with the Young Conservatorium is.

What do you love most about Young Conservatorium?

I love the experience of being part of large orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra and Strings Symphony (I’m in both). I really like all the conductors from the various ensembles and orchestras I have been in. They have a wealth of knowledge and have been amazing inspirations. I learn so much from the conductors who support me and help me build on my strengths.

The people in the Young Conservatorium are incredibly supportive and understanding and the staff value the kids above all else. They are some of the most understanding and supportive individuals who continue to encourage me during my ups and downs. The Young Conservatorium also allows people to grow as musicians in a range of different orchestra levels.

What advice do you have for students looking to study at Young Conservatorium?

Have fun! Music isn’t meant to be a chore or something you dread, but rather an art form and something that you thoroughly enjoy experiencing. The orchestras and conductors are all lovely and no matter what level you are at, they always allow you to enjoy yourself rather than stress you out.

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