Griffith University has partnered with Paradise Point Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) Bursary to award eligible students with a financial helping hand.

Several students at Griffith University have received a helping hand to complete their studies thanks to the Paradise Point Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) Bursary.

The Bursary, worth up to $1000 per student is awarded to eligible Griffith candidates residing in the Paradise Point, Upper Coomera and Ormeau areas in Queensland.

This year’s successful students include Madeline Hall, Amir Habib, Hayley Naidoo, Thailan Rullis, Caitlin Chetty and Mckeira Cumming.

Brandon Hockley, the Branch Manager of the Paradise Point Community Bank, says they are thrilled to be able to assist the students in the community in reaching their educational goals. “Our ongoing relationship with the Griffith Business School and the University more broadly is incredibly important,” he explains.

“We are very proud to partner with Griffith as we continue to support our local community. By providing these Bursary’s we are taking proactive steps in supporting the next generation of leaders with a strong educational foundation.”

Bursary recipient Madeline says she was thrilled when she discovered her application was successful. “I couldn’t believe it at first,” she says. “Especially since it was such a large amount of money!”

“I feel really blessed and thankful to the Paradise Point Community Bank; they have really made such an impact on my life with their generosity.”

Madeline says her journey to study had been a struggle and receiving the money has helped her focus on her career goals. “I got the Bursary in my first year of university, when was still getting used to balancing my time around studying, meaning that I had to cut down my hours of work.

“It really helped me when I was really struggling to make money to pay for fuel to get to campus and other necessities, especially as I couldn’t work as often. It has taken a lot of weight from my shoulders, and I have been able to dedicate more time to my physiotherapy studies.”

Similarly, student Hayley Naidoo was overjoyed when she discovered she would benefit from the Bursary. “I was extremely happy and grateful to have received the Bursary,” she says.

“I am currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and hope to complete a post-graduate degree. Receiving this money will really aide me in all my university endeavors.”

Madeline says the Bursary is just one of the ways Griffith is helping her reach her career goals. “The practical aspect of my degree has been so beneficial to my learning, and the staff and facilities at Griffith have been so amazing,” she explains.

“It makes me so excited for the future of my career, and all the great things that I will be able to experience!”

To find out more about supporting Griffith University students, visit Giving to Griffith.

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